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Product Labels

Grab your customer’s attention with custom product labels!

With Product Labels app create labels easily and quickly to grab your customer’s attention. Promote your free products, emphasise “Free Shipping” or other exclusive discounts for one or a range of your products.


$ 7.95 /MO

Currency Converter

Save your customers from pain of mathematical gymnastic by displaying prices in their home currency.

Currency Converter app gives a more personalized shopping experience for your customers by automatically redirecting them to the proper currency based on their geographic location. The customer can also change the desired currency from the selection box.


$ 4.49 /MO

Buy One Get One Free: Sales Promotions

Run advanced marketing campaigns and increase sales

Make promos 'buy 2 get 1 free', 'buy 1 get 50% off the second item', etc.


$ 12.50 /MO

Sales Booster: Upsell and Cross-sell offers

Maximize the amount of every sale

Create cross-sell offers that display relevant add-on products


$ 7.95 /MO

All Apps Include:

FREE trial // Quality Support // FREE Updates